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Espresso Machines

Brew your best coffee with affordable, reliable and imported espresso machines from Italy and USA. Whether you're a home brewer or cafe owner, browse through our collection of commercial and home espresso machines today.

Coffee Grinders

Unlock the aroma, flavor, and richness of coffee beans by grinding them just before brewing. Check our list of cofee grinders to deliver consinstent, high-quality grind every time. From manual, automatic, to burr coffee grinders, there is one that fits your preferences.

Coffee Supplies

From local to international brands including Torani, DaVinci Gourmet, and Top Creamery, we supply your cafe and home brewing with your everyday needs. Browse through our collection of coffee supplies, including coffee syrups, sauces, and beverage mixes.

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Buy Coffee Online Philippines - Blend N Sips

Adrianne and Venchito started this shop in 2023 to empower aspiring food and beverage entrepreneurs and make their dreams a reality.

At Blend N Sips®, we support budding and established coffee and milk tea entrepreneurs by providing them with essential supplies including flavored syrups and top-notch coffee machines

With our tagline, "Your Everyday Brew Essentials™," we strive to become an invaluable extension of your business, catering to your daily needs and ensuring customer satisfaction.

We supply the latest household espresso equipment, coffee supplies, and milktea brands, including Breville, Da Vinci Gourmet, Torani, and Top Creamery.

Join us at Blend N Sips®, where we blend dreams and sip success together. Together, let's embark on an exciting individual and business growth journey.

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