Collection: Commercial Coffee Grinders Philippines

Introducing our premium collection of commercial coffee grinders, designed to take your coffee brewing experience to the next level. Created with precision and innovation, these coffee grinders will handle the demands of a bustling cafe. 

Reliability and durability are the two pillars of our commercial coffee grinders. With robust motors and high-quality components, they can handle high volumes of coffee grinding without compromising performance. 

Elevate your coffee service and deliver a consistent, superior taste experience with our exceptional collection of commercial coffee grinders. 

Commercial Coffee Grinders Philippines

What is a commercial coffee grinder?

A commercial coffee grinder is specially crafted to extract the maximum flavor from coffee beans by achieving a finely ground consistency. When paired with a professional espresso machine, it enables you to brew exceptionally delicious espresso shots. 

If you are running a café or restaurant in the Philippines, the quality of your coffee is paramount. Investing in high-quality commercial coffee grinders is non-negotiable. At Blend N Sips, we offer a range of commercial coffee grinders designed to deliver consistently great coffee to customers.

Consistency and Precision

A commercial coffee grinder's primary benefit is its consistent grind. These coffee grinding machines have high-quality burrs that ensure every coffee bean is ground to the perfect size, from coarse to fine. The consistent grind size allows for better extraction of coffee flavors, giving your customers an ideal cup of coffee every time.

Increased Volume

Another significant advantage of our industrial coffee grinders is their high-volume coffee grinding capacity. Commercial coffee grinders are designed to handle a substantial quantity of coffee beans, allowing you to cater to your customer's demands, no matter how busy your café may get. Our commercial grinders ensure a consistent and uniform grind despite the high volume.

Durability and Longevity

Blend N Sips' commercial coffee grinders are built to last. With high-quality materials and robust construction, these machines are designed to withstand rigorous daily use, making them a cost-effective solution for your business in the long run.

Customizable Grind Settings

Our commercial coffee grinders have multiple grind settings that allow you to customize the grind size to suit different brewing methods. Whether you're making espresso or a classic cup of drip coffee, our grinders ensure you get the perfect grind every time.

Improved Coffee Taste and Aroma

Coffee bean grinding is a delicate process, and the quality of your grind can significantly affect the flavor and aroma of your brewed coffee. Our commercial grinders ensure that the coffee beans' essential oils are preserved during the grinding process, resulting in a richer, more flavorful coffee.

Efficient Operations

Time is of the essence in a bustling café, and a commercial coffee grinder can help streamline your operations. By quickly and efficiently grinding large quantities of coffee beans, our machines allow you to serve your customers promptly, improving customer satisfaction.

Professional Barista Equipment

Aside from commercial coffee grinders, Blend N Sips also offers a selection of professional barista equipment in the Philippines, including espresso machines, tampers, and more. By combining our commercial coffee grinders with the right barista equipment, you can enhance the quality of your coffee and the efficiency of your operations.

Commercial Coffee Grinders FAQs

Do the grinders comply with the Philippines' electric standard?

Yes, all our grinders are built to meet international standards and are compatible with the Philippines' electrical standard of 220V, 60Hz.

Do you offer to ship to the Philippines? If so, how much would it cost?

Yes, the shipping cost varies based on the size and weight of the product. Please input your shipping address at the checkout to calculate shipping charges.

Do the grinders support the local coffee beans in the Philippines?

Our grinders are designed to handle a variety of coffee beans, including the local types found in the Philippines, such as Arabica, Robusta, and Excelsa.

Are the user manuals provided in Filipino?

Our user manuals are typically in English.

Are these grinders suitable for a commercial setting like a coffee shop or restaurant?

Our range of commercial coffee grinders is designed for high-volume use and perfectly suits settings like coffee shops or restaurants.

Can I get a demo or training on using the coffee grinder in my local language?

While we currently don't offer in-person demonstrations in the Philippines. You can also contact our customer service team for additional assistance.

Commercial Coffee Grinders Guide

How do I choose a commercial coffee grinder?

When choosing a commercial coffee grinder, it's crucial to consider burr size, type, and material. Opt for a grinder with larger burrs, preferably 70mm or more, to ensure consistent, efficient, high-volume espresso grinding. These features are vital for coffee shops seeking fast and reliable grinding performance.

How long do commercial coffee grinders last?

Commercial coffee grinders typically last between 5 to 30 years, depending on factors like quality and maintenance. It's important to note that while the lifespan of the grinder itself can be long, the burrs or blades may require replacement after grinding around 1000 pounds of coffee. Consider replacing the burrs or blades instead of the entire grinder to save on costs.

How many watts is a commercial coffee grinder?

A typical commercial coffee grinder usually operates at around 300 watts. Compared to, less expensive grinders tend to have a lower wattage of approximately 150 watts. The wattage of a grinder can affect its performance and grinding speed.