Collection: Gemilai 2 Group Coffee Machines

Brew the perfect espresso for your customers with Gemilai 2 Group Coffee Machines. These machines are engineered for perfection and blend cutting-edge technology with timeless design, ensuring every brew is a masterpiece.

Elevate your coffee experience and let Gemilai be the heart of your café, office, or home. Dive into a world where precision meets passion.

What Makes Gemilai 2 Group Coffee Machines Different?

Gemilai 2 Group Coffee Machines are not just ordinary coffee machines.

They are designed with precision and innovation, ensuring that every cup of coffee brewed is of the highest quality. Here's what sets them apart:

  • Stainless Steel Mirror Housing: Both the CRM3120C and CRM3201 models come with sleek stainless steel mirror housing and a plastic side cover, ensuring durability and a modern aesthetic.
  • Multifunctional Brewing: These machines are not limited to just brewing coffee. They can make coffee, steam, and hot water simultaneously, offering versatility in every cup.
  • Advanced Technology: With touch electronic buttons, LED illuminators, and adjustable settings for temperature and flow capacity, Gemilai machines provide a user-friendly experience.
  • Commercial Rotary Vane Pump: Both models are equipped with a 9-bar pressure commercial rotary vane pump, ensuring consistent pressure for perfect extraction.
  • Triple and Dual Boilers: The CRM3120C features triple boilers, including two 550ml stainless steel boilers for coffee and a 5.25L boiler for steam and hot water. The CRM3201, on the other hand, boasts dual boilers with a primary and secondary boiler having a 10.5L capacity.
  • Professional Porta-filter: Both models have a professional stainless steel porta-filter holder and a 58mm diameter filter, ensuring optimal extraction.
  • Pre-infusion System: This system ensures perfect extraction and crema, enhancing the flavor and texture of the coffee.
  • Top Cover Cup-Warming Plate: A unique feature that keeps your cups warm, ensuring that your coffee remains at the perfect temperature.

Who Can Use Gemilai 2 Group Coffee Machines?

Gemilai 2 Group Coffee Machines are ideal for:

  • Coffee Shops and Cafés: With their commercial-grade features, these machines can handle the high demands of busy coffee shops and cafés.
  • Offices: For workplaces that value quality coffee for their employees, Gemilai is the perfect choice.
  • Hotels and Restaurants: Enhance the dining experience by offering top-notch coffee from Gemilai machines.
  • Home Enthusiasts: For those who want to maintain the quality of their home-brewed coffee, Gemilai offers the perfect solution.