Collection: Rocket Espresso Machines Philippines

Our collection of Rocket Espresso machines can help you create the ultimate espresso experience. With precision, passion, and creativity, these exceptional machines are proof of the rich heritage of traditional espresso-making in Italy. 

Designed by skilled engineers with cutting-edge technology, these Rocket Espresso machines are dedicated to elevating your coffee-making journey. Experience the perfect balance of tradition, innovation, and flavor. 

Rocket Espresso Machines Philippines

What is Rocket Espresso?

Rocket Espresso is a brand that stands out in the world of espresso machines, thanks to its commitment to quality, innovation, and design. Founded by three espresso enthusiasts – Jeff Kennedy, Danielle Berenbruch, and Andrew Meo – Rocket Espresso gave a new lease of life to the domestic products ECM had created, starting with the Cellini and the Giotto.

Every Rocket Espresso machine is built on the aesthetic foundation of the Giotto, Rocket Espresso’s original home machine. Since then, Rocket Espresso has innovated and grown in the espresso machine space, merging modern technology with classic design. The result is traditional hand-built machines, but with cutting-edge features for home or commercial use.

Rocket Espresso machines come from a long tradition of fine Italian design and construction. These machines boast commercial-grade features like lead-free copper boilers, Faema E61 brew-groups, No-Burn Stainless Steel Steam Wand, quiet pumps, Sirai pressure stats, and stainless steel and chrome construction. All these features embody a classic Italian design that's a style trend-setter in any setting, be it home, retreat, or office.

Rocket Espresso Machines FAQs

What sets Rocket Espresso machines apart from others?

Rocket Espresso machines are hand-built and feature cutting-edge technology merged with classic Italian design. They boast commercial-grade features like lead-free copper boilers, Faema E61 brew-groups, quiet pumps, and more.

Are Rocket Espresso machines suitable for commercial use?

Yes, Rocket Espresso produces both premium domestic and commercial espresso machines. They are designed to meet the needs of today's most exacting espresso customer.

What is the origin of Rocket Espresso machines?

Rocket Espresso machines come from a long tradition of fine Italian design and construction. The brand was founded by three espresso enthusiasts who aimed to innovate the espresso machine space.

How do I know if my Rocket Espresso machine is authentic?

Rocket Espresso machines are known for their meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. For authenticity, always purchase from authorized dealers and check for the brand's official markings.

Explore our collection of Rocket Espresso machines and experience the blend of tradition and innovation that sets Rocket Espresso apart. Whether you're a home barista or looking to equip your café, there's a Rocket Espresso machine for you.

Rocket Espresso Machines Guide

Are Rocket espresso machines worth it?

Rocket Espresso machines are definitely worth it. Crafted with high-quality materials, they can handle frequent use and heavy wear and tear. These reliable machines are built to last, making them a great choice for espresso enthusiasts. Plus, they are available at an affordable price point, under $2000. Invest in a Rocket Espresso machine for a lasting and exceptional coffee experience.

Where is Rocket espresso machines made?

Rocket espresso machines are made in Milano, Italy. With a focus on elegance, quality, and style, Rocket Espresso Milano produces and distributes both domestic and professional coffee machines, capturing the essence of the renowned "Made in Italy" approach. Experience the authentic taste of Italian coffee with Rocket espresso machines.

How long do rocket espresso machines last?

Rocket espresso machines can last over 15 years with proper maintenance. By following regular cleaning and maintenance routines, owners can enjoy the durability and longevity of these machines. Invest in Rocket espresso machines for a reliable and long-lasting coffee experience.

Where are Rocket coffee machines from?

Rocket coffee machines are handcrafted in Milan, Italy, following the traditional Fatto a Mano approach. The team of skilled artisans meticulously creates both domestic and commercial espresso machines, ensuring exceptional quality and attention to detail.