A Passion-Driven Team

We go beyond mission and vision statements; we embody a shared mission, and each member has a clear vision. Blend N Sips originated from a collective dream, like many companies. It started as an experience we envisioned together, and today, it stands as a thriving reality we relentlessly pursue. We are a community of inventive, customer-focused individuals – a team united by our unique culture. Discover the essence of Blend N Sips.

Company Profile

At Blend N Sips Trading, we strive to be the leading one-stop shop for coffee, tea, and specialty beverage products in the Philippines.

Our goal is to provide the largest selection of high-quality coffee and tea products, coupled with expert advice and recommendations from our knowledgeable staff.

We are committed to creating a welcoming and engaging atmosphere for our customers and offering a variety of services, such as espresso machines. At Blend N Sips Trading, we are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for coffee and tea lovers across the Philippines.


To be the leading one-stop shop for ​​coffee, tea, and specialty beverage products in the Philippines.


To empower coffee and tea shop owners across the Philippines by providing them with the products, services, and expertise they need to succeed.

We are committed to sourcing the highest-quality coffee and tea products from around the world and offering them at competitive prices to our customers.

  • Passion

    We put our hearts into what we do. Every challenge is a stepping stone.

  • Integrity

    We speak and act the truth. Trust is the glue that binds us.

  • Excellence

    We sustain success. We innovate the next favorite product.

  • Connection

    We value the human touch. Online or offline, we care for customers.

  • Empathy

    We hope for others to succeed and improve their lives.

Venchito Tampon Jr

Always up to the challenge, no matter what it is. He is the eCommerce Manager of Blend N Sips. 

Responsible for managing the website and social media platforms of the Blend N Sips store, ensuring all product pages are up-to-date and well-designed. 

In his free time, he reads books and likes watching Netflix action-thriller-suspense series and movies.

Venchito is a multi-industry entrepreneur. He runs other companies, including SharpRocket, and Hills & Valleys Cafe. He also manages other websites, including SaaS Pursuit and SearchCart.

He is also a Filipino motivational speaker and Corporate Trainer in the Philippines

Adrianne De Guzman

Meet our Operations Manager at Blend N Sips, who is friendly and enjoyable to be around and takes charge of the day-to-day management and leadership of our baristas and staff. Focusing on enhancing the in-store experience, he ensures every customer receives exceptional service and enjoys our top-notch products.

During his leisure time, he unleashes his creativity by producing TikTok content that adds a touch of lightheartedness and humor to your day, offering a delightful escape from the mundane.