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Blend N Sips

Breville Fresh & Furious®

Breville Fresh & Furious®

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Breville Fresh & Furious® DNA

Introducing the Breville Fresh & Furious® Blender with its innovative Kinetix® Blade and Bowl-Hugging System. This powerful blender takes your blending experience to the next level, ensuring flawless results every time.

The Kinetix® System is designed with a unique bowl shape resembling a sphere, combined with long, curved sweeping blades. These blades scrape the bottom of the bowl, minimizing food traps and pushing denser ingredients upward for efficient blending. Additionally, the center blades crush, chop, and act to draw ingredients downwards, ensuring a thorough and even blend.

Experience one-touch versatility with the Breville Fresh & Furious® Blender. Equipped with illuminated pre-programmed buttons for Smoothie, Green Smoothie, and Ice Crush, you can effortlessly create the smoothest of smoothies with just a simple touch.

Create delicious and nutritious green smoothies with ease. The Green Smoothie pre-programmed button is specifically designed to blend rough green leafy ingredients into creamy and healthier green smoothies, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of leafy greens in a refreshing way.

Stay in control of your blending process with the LCD display and timer feature. The display counts up on speed settings and down for pre-programmed settings, providing you with precise and consistent blending results every time.

Built to last, the Breville Fresh & Furious® Blender features a durable construction. The heavy-duty premium material construction of the motor ensures reliable performance, while the shatterproof BPA-free Tritan jug guarantees long-lasting use and peace of mind.

Upgrade your blending game with the Breville Fresh & Furious® Blender. With its advanced Kinetix® Blade and Bowl-Hugging System, one-touch versatility, LCD display and timer, and durable construction, this blender is a must-have for any kitchen. Experience the ultimate blending experience and enjoy a wide range of delicious creations right at your fingertips.

 Image Source: Breville Philippines


Breville Fresh & Furious® Specifications

Specification Details
Warranty 2 Years Motor Warranty (Household Use)
6 months Motor Warranty (Commercial Use)
Construction Materials Stainless Steel Blades
BPA-Free Shatterproof Tritan® Jug
Tight Fitting Breville Assist™ Lid
Capacity Large 1.5 Liter shatterproof jug.
Accessories Breville Assist Lid with Inner Measuring Lid
Assist Lid Breville Assist Lid unique ring pull design ensures the lid is easy to remove yet sealed tight during operation.
Power 230 Volts, 60 Hz, 1150 Watts
Preset Functions Mix, Chop, Blend, Puree, Liquify, Green Smoothie, Auto Pulse/Ice Crush, Smoothie
Auto Clean To easily clean around the blades.
Ice Crushing Crush ice into snow for velvety cocktails.
Dimensions (HxWxL) 43.2 x 21.6 x 17.8 cm
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