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Conti Ace

Conti Ace

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Conti Ace 1 Group Espresso Machine


  • Precision Brewing: With an independent coffee boiler and coffee group accurately temperature controlled by its own PID system, and supplied with preheated water from the steam boiler exchanger, the Ace ensures perfect precision for your coffee every time. Each parameter is adjustable to offer perfect brew temperatures for coffees of different origin or roast profile.
  • Soft Pre-Infusion: Replicating the elementary yet effective one-way pre-infusion found in lever espresso machines, the in-house system ensures that the barista can fully saturate the coffee puck under controlled low pressure. This results in incredibly consistent extraction and espresso with increased body and better mouthfeel.
  • Compact Yet Powerful: Despite its compact footprint, the Ace boasts a serious capacity, featuring a 2.75l steam boiler and 0.9l coffee boiler. It also has the added ability to utilize a power management system to adjust the power consumption as needed.
  • Customization Options: The Ace offers core colors of Graphite Black and Papyrus White but is also available in a choice of 10 distinct colors, allowing the machine to blend seamlessly with its environment.
  • Barista Comfort: Equipped with barista lights, cranked ergonomic portafilters, an extraction mirror, shot timers, and APP CONNECT for a seamless brewing experience.
  • Precision Components: The machine comes with competition standard shower plates and baskets, machined exclusively for Conti by IMS. These components ensure an even extraction, with a consistent shot every time.
  • Flexible Installation: Choose between mains plumbing or a tank fill machine. For the latter option, a professional-grade rotative pump ensures consistent pressure and low volume operation.


  • Boilers: 2.75l steam boiler and 0.9l coffee boiler
  • Power Management: Adjustable power consumption system
  • Colors: Graphite Black, Papyrus White, and 10 other distinct colors
  • Additional Features: Barista lights, ergonomic portafilters, extraction mirror, shot timers, APP CONNECT
  • Installation Options: Mains plumbing or tank fill machine with a professional-grade rotative pump

Who Is It For?

The Conti Ace 1 Group Espresso Machine is perfect for:

  • Small, niche venues looking for a high-quality espresso machine.
  • Serious domestic baristas with a passion for coffee.
  • Those who appreciate precision and customization in their brewing experience.
  • Coffee enthusiasts who want consistent and flavorful espresso shots every time.
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