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Conti MC Ultima

Conti MC Ultima

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Conti MC Ultima Commercial Espresso Machine


  • Unrivalled, Individual & Distinctive Design: The MC Ultima is an evolution of the flagship Monte Carlo model, boasting a more efficient design, enhanced ergonomics, and intuitive software.
  • Space-Saving Design: Modern coffee bars prioritize sleekness and efficiency. The MC Ultima has been redesigned to be lower and leaner, achieving a nearly 30% reduction in size without compromising performance.
  • Sustainable Build: Fully encapsulated in sustainable, recyclable metals, ensuring an eco-friendly choice for your coffee bar.
  • Intuitive TFT Touch Display: Making adjustments is now as easy as using a smartphone or tablet, thanks to the full-color screen with recognizable icons.
  • Recipe Book Feature: Log your favorite coffees & brew ratios, making them quickly accessible during service without the need for post-it notes.
  • Customizable Options: From the extended standard color palette, including 'GREY ALUMINIUM', 'Graphite Black', and 'Papyrus White', to custom RAL powder coating and sustainably sourced wooden accessories, no two Ultima machines are the same.


  • 'Infinite Actuate' Steam Lever: Allows baristas to have precise control over steam flow, perfect for texturing even sensitive alternative milks.
  • Customizable Standby Mode: Upload pictures and logos to be displayed when the machine goes into standby mode after a period of inactivity.
  • 42% Larger Cup Warmer: Reduces the need for stacking cups, minimizing breakages and allowing better interaction between the barista and the coffee drinker.
  • Redefined Internal Layout: Key components have been relocated to save space, making maintenance easier and more efficient, thus prolonging the machine's life cycle.

Who Is It For?

  • Modern Coffee Bars: Those looking for a sleek, efficient, and space-saving design that complements the modern aesthetic of coffee bars.
  • Eco-Conscious Establishments: Coffee shops prioritizing sustainability will appreciate the recyclable metals and sustainably sourced accessories.
  • Baristas: With intuitive features and customizable options, baristas can easily adjust settings and interact more freely with customers.
  • Businesses Seeking Distinction: The myriad of custom options ensures that no two Ultima machines are the same, allowing businesses to stand out.
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