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Conti Monte Carlo

Conti Monte Carlo

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Conti Monte Carlo Espresso Machine


  • Precision and Style: The Monte Carlo is a culmination of over 60 years of research and design. It combines good looks, endless power, and extreme precision, ensuring perfect precision for your coffee every time.
  • Temperature Control: Each coffee boiler and coffee group are accurately temperature controlled by their own PID system. Each group acts independently, allowing the user to offer perfect brew temperatures for coffees of different origin or roast profile.
  • Pre-infusion System: Intended to replicate the simplistic but effective one-way pre-infusion found on the original lever style espresso machine. This ensures consistent extraction and better mouthfeel.
  • Volumetric System: The machine can accurately read the volume of brewed espresso in the cup, improving workflow and consistency.
  • Cool Touch Steam Wands: These wands enable the barista to work more safely by eliminating steam burns and ensuring the best possible hygiene levels.
  • Conti Excellium Non-stick Coated Portafilters: This treatment helps prevent the build-up of coffee oils which can taint espresso flavor.
  • Multi-Level User Interface: With an independent group interface and full diagnostic touchscreen, the Monte Carlo can be finely tuned to suit any environment.
  • Barista Comforts: Features like barista lights, retractable cup stands, and auto clean modes have been designed with feedback from baristas worldwide.
  • Triple Heat Zone: Multiple PID controlled heating zones ensure the most stable machine performance.
  • Unique Pre-Brewing System: This system mimics the iconic lever machine, utilizing mains water pressure to softly infuse the coffee grounds.
  • 'CoolTouch' Steam Wands and Teflon Lined Portafilters: These features offer great usability and ensure the machine stays looking and performing at its best.


  • Version: Tall Cup
  • Available Groups: 2 or 3
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions (3 Group): W: 1126 mm, D: 612 mm, Weight: 99 kg, Boiler Size: 3 x 0.9 L
  • Dimensions (2 Group): W: 896 mm, D: 612 mm, Weight: 89 kg, Boiler Size: 2 x 0.9 L

Who Is It For?

  • Discerning Baristas and Roasters: Designed to meet the needs of professionals worldwide.
  • Serious Operators: For those who prioritize style, practicality, precision build quality, and advanced technology.
  • Coffee Enthusiasts: For those who appreciate the nuances of different coffee origins and roast profiles and want to extract the best from each bean.
  • Business Owners: Ideal for cafes, restaurants, and other establishments looking for a reliable, high-quality espresso machine that combines aesthetics with functionality.
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