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Conti X-One Evo

Conti X-One Evo

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Conti X-One Evo Espresso Machine

The CONTI X-ONE Evo is the benchmark mid-volume machine, boasting a simple yet sleek design crafted with modern materials. With intuitive controls combined with effective technology, this machine consistently surpasses expectations. At the heart of the CONTI machinery lineup, the X-ONE Evo has garnered a broad and diverse fan base.

With its class-leading features, this model is a jack of all trades. The X-ONE Evo caters to all preferences. Whether you prefer a two or 3-group model, espresso, or tall cup configuration—experience coffee extraction to the next level with the supercharged technology derived from the renowned CC100 range.


  • Flow Control: Achieve incredible temperature stability with PID control. The unique 'Flow Control' system allows for minute adjustments to the group temperature, ensuring consistent and efficient coffee extraction every time.
  • Diagnostics: The machine's unique software diagnostics provide essential maintenance advice. Get reminders for cleaning, servicing, and water filter changes, all displayed on a digital screen.
  • Dual Function Lever: Activated steam wands simplify and speed up milk texturing, saving valuable time for the barista. These levers also feature a spring-loaded 'purge' function to prevent milk buildup within the steam wand.
  • Shot Timers: Monitor and control your extraction parameters shot after shot, ensuring optimal performance during service.
  • Auto On/Off: Program your machine to switch to Eco mode during quieter periods or overnight automatically. Save on electricity costs, extend the life of machine components, and have it turn back on before service begins.
  • Adjustable Hot Water Temperature: Fine-tune your entire drinks portfolio. Use the machine's water reservoir to craft the perfect Long Black or Americano.
  • Precision Pre-Infusion: Adjust the volume of the pre-brew and bloom period without hesitation. Achieve better extractions with ease.


  • Model: CONTI X-ONE Evo
  • Available Configurations: 2 or 3 group model, Espresso or Tall Cup
  • Temperature Control: PID Control with Flow Control system
  • Diagnostics: Digital screen display
  • Steam Wand: Dual Function Lever activated
  • Additional Features: Shot Timers, Auto On/Off, Adjustable Hot Water Temperature, Precision Pre-Infusion

Who Is It For?

Coffee enthusiasts and professional baristas will appreciate the CONTI X-ONE Evo's versatility and advanced features. Whether running a bustling café or simply wanting to elevate your home coffee experience, this machine offers something for everyone. Its user-friendly interface and advanced extraction capabilities make it suitable for both novices and seasoned coffee experts.

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