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Conti X-One TCI Evo

Conti X-One TCI Evo

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Conti X-One TCI Evo Espresso Machine

Our giant slayer, the X-one TCI Evo model, is a testament to precision and quality. Built on the principles of the X-ONE range, this machine boasts intuitive improvements, making it one of the best-performing single boiler machines on the market. Its full-color-coded body panels and iconic style will elevate any coffee bar.


  • Temperature Control: The X-ONE TCI Evo offers compact group lete and independent temperature control. This allows you to optimize the extraction of your coffee and even offer a guest espresso at a different brewing temperature.
  • Flow Control: Our unique 'flow control system achieves incredible temperature stability. This, combined with the PID heating control, ensures consistent and efficient espresso extraction.
  • Cold-Water Injection System: Maximizes the efficiency of the steam boiler, increasing capacity and providing continuous steam. This ensures a stable temperature at the group, allowing the steam boiler and coffee network to perform in perfect synergy.
  • Aesthetic & Ergonomic Upgrades: The machine features full-color body panels, deluxe ergonomic portafilters, Ice white LED illuminated Conti branding, and a drilled rear panel, showcasing the precision artistry inside.


  • Boiler Type: Single boiler
  • Body Panels: Full-color coded
  • Illumination: Ice-white LED
  • Portafilters: Deluxe ergonomic design
  • Temperature Control: Independent for each group

Additional Features:

  • Competition Shower Plates: Laser-cut, highly polished, low friction precision showers from our partners at IMS, offering a significant extraction advantage.
  • Shot Timers: Measure the extraction benchmark consistently, ensuring controlled and monitored performance.
  • Auto On/Off: Program the machine to switch to Eco mode during quieter times and turn it back on before service, saving on electricity and prolonging the machine's life.
  • Adjustable Hot Water Temperature: Fine-tune your drinks using the machine's water reservoir to craft the perfect Long Black or Americano.
  • Precision Pre-Infusion: Adjust both the pre-brew and bloom period volume for better extractions.

Who Is It For?

  • Coffee Enthusiasts: Those who appreciate the subtle tasting notes and want to bring out the best flavors from their beans, regardless of the region or roast profile.
  • Professional Baristas: Individuals who require precision and consistency in their espresso shots, with the flexibility to adjust various parameters manually.
  • Coffee Shops & Bars: Establishments that need a reliable machine capable of repeatedly handling demanding situations, pouring perfect espresso.
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