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Gemilai CRM3120C

Gemilai CRM3120C

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Introducing the Gemilai CRM3120C Espresso Machine, the perfect addition to your coffee-making arsenal. Crafted with a stainless steel mirror housing and complemented by plastic side covers, this machine blends style and functionality seamlessly.

Experience convenience with the electronic touch switch, allowing you to brew your favorite coffee effortlessly. The machine boasts multiple electrical and machinery safety protections, ensuring a worry-free coffee-making experience.

Gemilai CRM3120C DNA

With its versatile design, the CRM3120C offers extraction and streaming capabilities, catering to your coffee preferences. The commercial rotary pump, exerting 9 bars of pressure, guarantees a rich and robust coffee extraction that will leave you craving more.

Illuminate your coffee-making journey with the built-in LED illuminator, adding a touch of elegance to your countertop. The flowmeter feature ensures precise coffee brewing, automatically stopping the flow for consistent and flavorful results.

Keep a close eye on the coffee and steam pressure thanks to the different barometers, providing real-time information during brewing. The direct water line allows for continuous brewing, eliminating the need for manual water refills.

Achieve coffee perfection with the pre-infusion system, ensuring optimal extraction and a velvety crema with every cup. The machine has a stainless steel steam and water tube, enabling you to create exquisite cappuccinos and dispense hot water for other beverages.

Additionally, the top cover features a cup-warming plate, maintaining the ideal temperature for your coffee enjoyment. The adjustable non-slip foot guarantees stability and adaptability to any countertop surface.

Upgrade your coffee experience with the Gemilai CRM3120C Espresso Machine - where style, functionality, and taste unite to deliver an exceptional brew every time.


Gemilai CRM3120C Specifications

Power 4200W, 220-240V/50Hz
Weight 42.5kg
Size 81.6 x 50.4 x 50 cm
Heating Mechanism Triple boiler system with 50ml boiler capacity for each grouphead and a 5.25L boiler for the frother
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