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Gemilai CRM3605

Gemilai CRM3605

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Gemilai CRM3605 DNA

Experience the ultimate coffee brewing with the Gemilai CRM3605 Coffee Machine. This remarkable coffee maker combines cutting-edge features and Italian-imported ULKA pumps to deliver an exceptional coffee experience.

With its automatic 15BAR pumping and milk-foaming steam, this coffee machine ensures that every cup of coffee is brewed to perfection. The 15BAR pressure, displayed in real-time, guarantees a rich, aromatic coffee extraction that will awaken your senses.

This coffee machine boasts a spacious 1.7L water tank and a convenient water-dripping pan, allowing hassle-free brewing without constant refilling. Additionally, it offers a hot water function, controlled with a simple button press, for your convenience.

The professional 58mm 2-shot premium aluminum portafilter ensures optimal brewing efficiency and consistent results. Coupled with a stainless steel 2-cup powder bowl/filter featuring over 400 brewing holes, this coffee machine delivers a heavenly cup of coffee with every use.

Enjoy the freedom to customize your coffee creations with the 360-degree rotating steam jet nozzle, equipped with a single hole for controlled milk foaming. The intuitive interface allows you to monitor the extracting and steaming time, providing full visibility and control over your brewing process.

Thanks to the PID precise temperature control and pre-soaking technology, you can always achieve the ideal brewing conditions for a perfect cup of coffee. Say goodbye to lukewarm or over-extracted coffee; the Gemilai CRM3605 ensures optimal flavor extraction with smart temperature control.

Worried about energy consumption? Don't be. This intelligent coffee machine automatically powers off after 15 minutes of standby, promoting energy efficiency and peace of mind.

Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze with the Gemilai CRM3605. The 1.7L water tank is easily removable, and the water tray can be effortlessly cleaned, making it a user-friendly addition to your kitchen.

Unleash your inner barista and elevate your coffee experience with the Gemilai CRM3605 Coffee Machine. Its impressive features and sleek design make it the perfect choice for coffee enthusiasts who demand the utmost in quality, convenience, and flavor.


Gemilai CRM3605 Specifications

Power 1450W
Voltage 220-240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Weight 4.2kg
Size 286mm x 230mm x 325mm
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