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Koryaiko Coffee Grinder 022

Koryaiko Coffee Grinder 022

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Koryaiko Coffee Grinder 022

Introducing the Koryaiko 022: a heavy-duty grinder designed for the ultimate coffee experience. Its sturdy die-cast aluminum body ensures long-lasting durability. Powered by a low-speed, high-torque silent motor, this grinder operates quietly while delivering exceptional grinding performance. The 1.5kg flat burr, measuring 60mm, guarantees a consistent grind size, allowing you to extract the full flavor potential from your favorite coffee beans.

With its stainless steel powder outlet port, the Koryaiko 022 ensures mess-free dispensing of freshly ground coffee. The 3.5-inch LCD display offers a user-friendly interface, making navigating through settings and customization options effortlessly. Choose between elegant white or black color patterns, which seamlessly blend into any kitchen or cafe decor.

Stay informed about optimal grinding conditions with real-time monitoring and humidity display. The Koryaiko 022 can be operated using the touch screen or the convenient micro switch, providing flexibility and convenience in your coffee grinding routine. Elevate your coffee brewing game with this powerful, reliable, stylish grinder that enhances your daily coffee rituals.


Koryaiko Coffee Grinder Specifications 

Model 022
Color Black / White
Body Material Aluminum alloy
Input AC220V/50Hz
Power 200W
Product Size 22cm x 14cm x 47cm
Cutter Diameter 60mm (2.4in)
Motor Speed 2000r/min
Capacity 1L
Weight 5.5kg
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